Products that will improve your hydroponics monitoring

Agrowtronics uses the iMatrix Sensor network to provide real-time monitoring of the environmental conditions in your Greenhouse. The iMatrix offers a variety of sensors and three gateway options that will report the sensor data to the cloud for storage, reports, graphs, and alerts.

iMatrix BLE Sensors

We recommend using iMatrix family of sensors to monitor conditions in your hydroponics or aquaponics. iMatrix sensors include a growing range of BLE sensor solutions. New models are also in development as we continue to expand our BLE sensor offering.

BLE sensors are generally battery powered with a battery life of over a year. Some models support external power supplies as well. Using BLE sensors for indoor environments will enable a very intelligent network to easily and rapidly identify, monitor and controll all microclimates that may exist within controlled environments such as a greenhouse.

Communication Gateways

The three options for monitoring the sensors are:
iMatrix -App Virtual Gateway – This is a feature in the iMatrix smartphone App called iMatrix APP that uses your phone or tablet Bluetooth to automatically scan all your iMatrix sensors within range and upload them to the cloud so you can log the data, graph, and receive real-time alerts.  Users have an option to keep the iMatrix -App running all the time at the greenhouse using an Android tablet or smartphone.
iMatrix Micro Gateway – This is a 2.4/5G Wi-Fi / Bluetooth gateway that automatically scans for all your device and uploads the data to the cloud 24 /7, as well as the ability to automatically update firmware on your sensors to ensure you have the latest features. You can place more than one Micro Gateways throughout the greenhouse to improve wireless coverage for larger areas.
iMatrix Series-1 Wi-Fi / Mesh Gateway – We recommend that you update your iMatrix Sensors to use our Mesh network for even larger areas. Once you update your sensors to mesh, you need to replace your Micro Gateway with a Series-1 Wi-Fi/Mesh gateway.