About Agrowtronics

Agrowtronics provides a complete portfolio of AgrowSense wireless Humidity, Temperature, Air Quality, CO2 Sensors as well as a complete suite of EC Nutrient Sensors for the Hydroponics market.

In addition, the Agrowtronics AgrowGateway bridge enables all wireless sensor configuration, control, monitoring and associated analytics to be managed through Agrowtronics’ proprietary and robust Cloud services.

The Agrowtronics AgrowApp will enable customers to easily and remotely control the most critical environmental conditions required to ensure the full potential of Hydroponics farming and gardening.

  • Want to grow anywhere?
  • Want harvesting to be easier?
  • Want to have no soil setup and no testing hassles?
  • Want no mulching, tilling, changing of soil and weeding?
  • Want an environment that is sterile, (no pesticides)?
  • Want to use 20 times less water than soil based gardening?
  • Want a system where water can be reused, allowing you to conserve water?
  • Want to have complete control over nutrient balance?
  • Want to grow year round indoors?
  • Want to use 20% less space for growing?

Then join Agrowtronics and grow intelligently!


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