AGrowTronics Communication Gateways

Agrowtronics provides two AgrowGateway bridge options for Cloud services. Both Gateways enable the ability to remotely control, monitor, configure and analyze all of the hydroponic sensors available within the AgrowSense product family.

Both AgrowGateway options provide a seamless and user friendly wireless connection to the Agrowtronics AgrowApp mobile application which is supported by Agrowtronics’ proprietary, robust and highly intuitive Cloud Services.

The two AgrowGateway systems available are the AgrowGateway Micro and the AgrowGateway Series 1. Both Gateways route all communication between the Agrowtronics AgrowApp and all AgrowSense sensors configured for that specific network.

The AgrowGateway Micro is a USB Dongle that incorporates a complete multi-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), Wi-Fi radio and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Gateway.

The AgrowGateway Series 1 is a sophisticated Greenhouse Monitor and Controller. This Gateway incorporates a complete multi-band (2.4GHz and 5GHz), Wi-Fi radio and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), system along with battery backup and support for wired and/or wireless sensors and controls. The AgrowGateway Series 1 features a data logging storage capacity of up to 1 Million data records. AgrowGateway Series 1 also supports 128 individual connected devices.

BLE & Wired Sensors

For enhanced connectivity options the AGrowSense offering includes sensors that support both BLE or Wired options.

The AGrowSense family of sensors will operate in either a wireless or wired configuration mode. The AGrowSense product family automatically identifies the configuration required and reports the sesnors readings either wirelessly or over the wired interface.

The AGrowSense family of sensors includes an AirQuality sensor as well as Temperature, Humidity, Estimated CO₂, VOC, and a Particulate Matter Sensor measuring for 1, 2.5, 4.0, and 10-micron particles.

BLE Sensors

The AGrowSense family of sensors includes a growing range of BLE sensor solutions. New models are also in development as we continue to expand our BLE sensor offering.

The AGrowSense BLE sensors are generally battery powered with a battery life of over a year. Some models support external power supplies as well.

Using AGrowSense BLE sensors for indoor environments will enable a very intelligent network to easily and rapidly identify, monitor and controll all microclimates that may exist within controlled environments such as a greenhouse.

Wired Sensors

The AgrowSense product family also provides Wired Sensors that can be used in places where radio waves will not reach and therefore a wireless connection is not an option.
Power is integrated into the cable, allowing for simple installation.
The AgrowGateway Series 1 directly supports 2-Wire sensors. Additional 2-Wire sensors can be added by using a sensor hub which can add an additional 8 sensors to the network. Multiple Sensor Hubs maybe be deployed in the network as well.