Wired Temperature Sensor

Model: AF-1W-TP-1

The Wired Temperature sensor is a very flexible and accurate temperature sensor operating from -55°C~+125°C ± 0.5°C  /  -67°F~257°F ± 1°F



The AgrowSense Wired Temperature Sensor Product Family:


  • AG-S1-TP12: AgrowSense One Wire Temperature probe 12 inches
  • AG-S1-TP24: AgrowSense One Wire Temperature probe 24 inches
  • AG-S1-HTP12: AgrowSense One Wire High Temperature probe 12 inches
  • AG-S1-HTP24: AgrowSense One Wire High Temperature probe 24 inches

The AgrowSense Wired Temperature Sensors are one of the most reliable, affordable, and user-friendly sensor offerings for monitoring temperature. The AGrowTronics AgrowGateway Series 1 Gateway product family connects to two AgrowSense wired sensors, although 128 AgrowSense wired sensors can be connected through interlinking the AgrowGateway Series 1 Gateway (AG-BW-GW-1). Each AGrowTronics Wired Bus AgrowGateway Series 1 Gateway supports the connection of 8 additional wired AgrowSense sensors.Use the AgrowSense wired sensors to monitor any kind of environment, accurately and precisely. 

Suitable for all environments wet and dry, the AgrowSense wired sensors go where radio waves can’t. It’s designed for accurate recording in even the most extreme temperatures: -55°C~+125°C ± 0.5°C/-67°F~257°F ± 1°F

Submersible and waterproof up to 30 meters (100 feet)

The AgrowSense wired sensors includes a two meter (6 foot) connecting cable constructed with a stainless steel enclosure to prevent oxidation and damage in extreme environments

The AgrowSense Wired temperature sensors can be used to monitor:

  • Greenhouse Temperature
  • Nutrient Tank Temperature
  • Fish Aquarium Tanks
  • Fishponds
  • Reptile Habitats & Enclosures

These temperature sensors provide the ultimate solution for monitoring and recording temperatures in any environment. Incredibly easy, accurate, and durable, they’re suitable for home hobbyists and commercial operations alike. 

Why choose the AGrowTronics wired sensors?

  • Instant, accurate temperature readings
  • Connect multiple gateways for up to 128 sensors
  • Monitor even the most hostile environments
  • Perfect when wireless monitoring isn’t an option
  • Affordable, professional grade monitoring
  • Read temperature in wet and dry conditions
  • Stainless steel enclosure prevents rust and damage
  • Safely record extreme temperatures
  • Waterproof withstanding 100 feet of pressure

Join AgrowTronics and grow intelligently!

Device Specifications

Temperature Range-55°C~+125°C/-67°F~257°F
Accuracy ± 0.5°C/± 1°F
Maximum Depth (Pressure)30 Meters/100 Feet
Cable Length2 Meters/6 Feet

Note: All Specification subject to change, please consult for latest specifications or additional details.